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Hairstylist, and entrepreneur, Mindy Lindner, will be celebrating the grand

opening of her salon, the MOJO Hair Lounge, In the Old Town area of Elk

Grove, California next month in S D B S F style! The MOJO Hair Lounge is a

classy space of gray, silver, and sparkle fit for all to feel fabulous while

receiving professional beauty services.

Guests will be treated to drinks and dessert .

S D B S F products are made in the USA
 Property of Skin Delicious B O D Y S O F I N E | S D B S F & the M O J O Hair Lounge, LLC.
   9116 Elk Grove Blvd. Suite. 125 Elk Grove, California. 95624 All Rights Reserved!

The MOJO Hair Lounge Address:

9116 elk grove Blvd. Ste. 125 Elk Grove, CA. 95624
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