Mindy is a TRUE mane maven, and her expertise in hair care has landed her right in the beauty hot seat! With an extremely strong passion for natural & multicultural hair care she has been creating scene-stealing, high impression looks with her S D B S F products and salon work for over a decade! Mindy pursued a formal education in the BEAUTY industry at a ripe age training professionally in London at the Vidal Sassoon Academy, and at Toni & Guy in the United Kingdom along with many others on her home turf in California, and throughout the United States. Earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing, where it became clear that she possessed an expert artistry for the beauty industry and the business world within it!

I was born ready! I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit passed down to me from a young age from my father. So I decided to peruse my dreams and set out on my journey that lead me right where I want to be in the beauty industry. I transformed my childhood hustle of selling homemade beauty products (oil and body scrubs), and giving kitchen perms on my friend’s into a career! With over a decade of working in the industry “behind the chair” as a stylist, and as a hair care innovator developing and transforming beauty treats into a professional line of natural hair and body care products named Skin Delicious BODY SO FINE | S D B S F better known as the brands acronym fueled her desire to have safe professional salon products that were effective, non-toxic and safe.

Mindy’s poised demeanor and indisputable FLYNESS may contradict her fierce drive and determination! Committed to making a permanent mark on the beauty industry with her brand, creative vision, extensive knowledge, and relatable approach proves to be her winning combination!
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